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Underline The Blame

Because I'm Not Guilt Ridden

1 February
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I couldn't be more English if I tried.
I love walking my dog in the forest, drinking numerous cups of tea and persevering with having a BBQ even if it's pissing it down with rain.
I'm not at all serious, my brand of humour is dry sarcastic wit, and I love winding people up. I'mpretty impossible to insult, or annoy or offend, so anything goes.
I work part time atm, I was meant to be going to Uni but thanks to the wonder of our Government I lost out on my place.
I'm currently figuring out what I want to do, if it's not uni, then it's gonna have to be a grown-up job.. ahh!
I'm just using this LJ journal to publish my fanfic and meet loads of amazing writers on here.

And that's all you're getting! If you want more, ask.